Small Story

I showed this projection experiment in my crit.

People felt like the short clip was like peeking into a room and capturing a secretive moment between two strangers, which was a feeling I was wanting to create. ¬†Filming a projection was also talked about, as you can hear sounds at the beginning of the video which suggest that there are people there. Even though these sounds were accidental and not really thought about, it was just me and my friend in the studio, it was a helpful aspect to pick out from the video. The projection had already happened with an audience, and I was now showing a video of it, meaning there had been some extra layers of removal that the footage had undergone from the place it had been found originally. This removal and twisting of the narrative was something I want to do, yet it would be interesting to then put the material back into the environment which I found it, or project it onto an object I collected there (like I did with the coriander). This is something I want to look into more. In this clip I projected the video onto two blocks, one was a breeze-block and the other was plaster which I found in the studio at the time, so it didn’t have any relation to the content of the video. But I liked how it broke up and distorted the video a bit, I guess because I’m trying to distort the truth by stitching together these unrelated conversations.


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